On the Company

Having emerged in 1993 as a genuinely Czech subject, the Company was running its business activities on the basis of Trade licence, with no foreign participation whatsoever. The focus was on providing comprehensive services in the area of cleanup and other related spheres of activities. Though initially the Company´s sphere of activities would largely cover Northern Bohemia, since   1998 it has been offering and providing services throughout the Czech Republic. In early 2003, the Company had transformed into a limited liability company (PLC) yet has remained a genuinely Czech establishment. The aim of the transformation was to ensure the possibly most comprehensive offer of services. Services offered by the Company comprise both one-shot and long-term activities, with a variety of discounts and benefits offered to fixed clients. The staff engaged in the provision of the services are exclusively in an employment relationship with the Company, and are solely citizens of the Czech Republic, enjoying an unblemished reputation. Since June 2004, the Company has been the holder of ČSN EN ISO 9001 certificate.
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A selection of services offered

Cleanup jobs

Decluttering jobs

Cleaning of shop windows and windows

Height work

Domestic helper jobs

Greenspace maintenance

Sale of cleaning devices

Interior solutions and materialization

Shifting (of flats and offices)

Minor maintenance

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